Poverty: A state of condition or mind?

Poverty: By my understanding is the lack of a medium of exchange that allows you to have the ability to comfortably provide for yourself and those you care for.
Book definition: state of being poor, the state of being inferior in quality, insufficient in amount.
This is not to be mistaken for being broke which is just a temporary lack of money and isn’t the same as Poverty.
The basis of this writing would be to explore if poverty is a state of condition; an external measurable state or a state of the Mind an internal  state that can’t be measured easily.
Before I jump into this topic I think we must understand that kids and teenagers cannot be a part of this equation in any way because if they fall into any one of these categories of poverty its usually not a fault of theirs so for context, we’re talking more about adults here.
The basis of this work would be trying to see if poverty is a state of condition or a state of mind. while it may be safe to say that factors such as birthplace, environments, lack of opportunities, and resources are factors driven by condition and not the mind, it’s also safe to say that a poor state of mind can lead to or keep someone poor; likewise, a transformation from poverty almost always begins in the mind.
Now we must be careful not equate poverty to happiness because there are necessities and luxuries that the wealthy possess and the poor do not, however, there are those who lack these necessities and luxuries and are internally happier than the wealthy.
It would be safe to say that the state of being poor; not having the money and resources to provide comfortably for yourself and those you love can lead to the believe that you are poor, and this type of thinking can condition your mind permanently or temporarily and within this conditioning your state of being poor becomes more than just a state of condition but also a state of the mind. To be clear we’re not talking about someone who is Wealthy by Society standards but likes the clarity of mind to enjoy it that can also be a poor state of mind but that is not what we are talking about we’re talking about someone who is poor by societal standards by the definitions above. So, what will we Define as a poor state of condition in the West? Because we aren’t as poverty-stricken as a lot of Nations that exist today. given my experience, I will say someone living below the defined poverty line in the united states is well off than someone who is not in the top ten percent earning category in a third world country. Although a lower middle-income family of four making 40k or less has an economic advantage over ¾ of the world’s population they are still defined as poor in America. We can draw to this conclusion because if we factor in their cost of living expenses we may find out that the homemaker can’t comfortably provide for their loved ones and themselves and this is where debt comes in and ends up pusher them further into poverty than away from it. And these conditions become more dangerous because when you weigh their assets against their liabilities they can’t afford anything of luxury and usually can’t afford for anything to go wrong. Now I am not saying those who fall under the defined poverty line can’t meet their needs without going into debt, they indeed can and that usually comes at a cost I hope to write on later. So, my conclusion would be because the state of being poor can be easily measured, it seems to be the dominant ideal we grab onto in our society. Athough a poor state of mind can’t easily be measured, it’s also a huge factor driven by poverty and can prolong poverty, so it gets dismissed easily, however, both conditions are very much interlocked in most cases.
So, poverty is a state of condition and can also be a state of mind. When someone has a condition that impacts them negatively, it usually takes a toll on them mentally, whether or not they choose to share that condition. Poverty in a conditional form usually affects those who are in it mentally and this can hurt their relationships with self and love ones. They feel like they have failed in life and can’t do more for the ones they care for, this is a very disheartening feeling sometimes they feel their love ones can’t understand and may look down on them, and while they may never share this emotion with their love one’s these emotions build in them and causes a rift. This is one side effect of poverty. Other times self-pride may kick in which can be harmful and lead to certain detrimental habits like drinking, willful ignorance, abuse, neglect, and lack of the type of humility that makes someone who is poor look rich in “actions” (servitude, humbleness, a kind approach etc.) amongst their peers. Let say we understand some of the causes of poverty which includes environment, bad habits, lack of resources, unique opportunities, debt, pride etch given that these conditions can lead to poverty then it will be safe to say that opposite conditions such as better environment, good habits, availability of resources, opportunities, being debt free, a humble relationship with money can all lead to someone stepping out of poverty or never getting into it in the first place, something to consider when looking at or dealing with poverty.
“If success builds upon success and discipline builds upon discipline” then it save to say that failure can build upon failure and bad habits can build upon bad habit so poverty can build upon poverty unless someone is affected by one of the factors above or there is change in the mind of the individual and this where the mind becomes very relevant because even if all the opportunities above are present but one can’t seem to embrace it or utilize it properly due to their poor state of thinking then they can’t get out of poverty however its rare someone gets affected by all those positive factors and still remain poor in the event this happens then it becomes necessary for their mind to be reprogrammed not like a computer of course! But they must reach a point of climax in their mind where they say enough is enough and that starts in the mind and eventually leads to a state out of poverty.
In our western society, we may have a poor definition of success and this is because we fail to realize that poor relationships and habits with money usually keep people poor.
We know  people don’t desire or strive to be poor, but there are so many people living in poverty? There are many sources that point to habits, environment, conditions, lack of opportunities but I will like to point out that people are just living and making the decisions that allow them to sustain their lives and although they know they are poor by definition, they can’t really grasp that sense of thinking as to why they are poor and how they can get out of it. There are too many factors created by the worries of life that blinds them from truly seeing a way out and I would argue its when something takes them away from the day to day and allows them to think outside of just paying bills do they really begin to take the first step out of poverty and unfortunately majority of the population in the west cannot tap into the mind that allows them to recreate the framework that can push them out if poverty, They are usually and rightfully focus on the daily demands of life which prevent them from creating the habit which will, in turn, create the resources, environment, unique opportunities that can lead them out of poverty and that thought process usually begins internally. One may be born into poverty, and their environment may play a key role in their outcome, but their habits and way of thinking will play a bigger role in whether they stay poor or not.


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bestofyou (Frank)

I am a young man who is on this journey called life and as I continue to live I learn and there are some truths I have come to realize, our life's is most affected by four areas; self, health, relationships and wealth and if there is deficiencies in anyone of these areas life tends to look a little unsatisfactory, but while some may put wealth high on that list I think one ought to be careful because if you are deficient in the other areas and have wealth you might as well be poor because you will be besides material possessions. So I am on a journey to find out how to be efficient in all four areas and I am inviting you to join me on that journey and I hope along the way I can be off value as you are on your journey or vice versa.

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