We are all fighting a battle, a battle doesn’t always involve physical weapons that can-do harm to others visually. However, just like physical battles, the aggressor can inflict damage to their opponent and sometimes just as in physical combat the harm done can be irreparable even if the victim survives. But there is a distinction between the harm done in a physical and mental battle. In physical battle, The damages, scars and the consequence of the scars are visibly noticeable but in mental battles lost these scars aren’t as visible. There is another distinction between physical and mental battles and that’s the mind, in physical battles many efforts may be applied to fix the damage, but the damage sometimes can handicap the victim permanently. However, in mental battles, there is something that could be used to weave those injuries obtained in battle and allow the victim to still function fully. We will talk about this later but first, let us be clear on what in the world am I talking about. In life just like in combat, there is a reason to engage with our opponent. Sometimes the reasons are good and sometimes the reasons are bad and sometimes we realize that if we had offered our opponent a truce, they would have gladly accepted it rather than engage in combat with us. we later realize the consequences of combat can very dire and hard to fix afterward. It is a good idea to work the issue that is causing the fight in your mind than to keep fighting. The issue maybe with an individual or created by certain negative experiences, or sometimes yourself. And a truce may be the best way to resolve the conflict.

Are physical battles the same as the one we fight in our personal and interpersonal lives? In a way, because they have similar components. In combat, both opponents have weapons and their weapons are made up of certain characteristics. A weapon can be used for defending, attacking, counterattacking or setting a trap for our opponent. (keep in mind that sometimes our opponent isn’t always someone else). In our lives, we have similar weapons. We lie to protect; we engage in a verbal fight as a means of attacking or to defend ourselves. We object to love as a means of defending ourselves. We put off certain conversations because we are afraid it can be used to attack us. We are selectively open with our family and our relationships because we fear judgment. We don’t seek counsel because of what it may reveal about us but no warrior no matter how brave can go on a battle for a long period of time with too many injuries. He or She must get treatment in other to continue. And in our lives, we must engage in the fight/treatment in other to continue. The difference between our lives and combat is the more we engage in a healthy fashion the closer we come to a truce. As promised, we will now revisit the reasons we battle. There are reasons for going in battle, in world war 2 the German rise to power against Europe was sparked by years of oppression by those surrounding Germany, Germany having no choice decided to rise and fight and in doing so hurt those around them. Germany needed someone to blame for its trouble however Germany reaction led to catastrophic actions with grave consequences. Now our lives may not be this extreme where we are oppressed by essentially everyone around us and we feel the need to do them harm. However, some of us in our journey have experienced hurt from those around us and have caused us to point at something as the reason for our demise. We could be pointing at our spouses, children, environment, relationships, and society. While these factors might very well be the reasons for our demise, we must recognize that we can battle our way to a better place, and this starts with the mind.


Published by

bestofyou (Frank)

I am a young man who is on this journey called life and as I continue to live I learn and there are some truths I have come to realize, our life's is most affected by four areas; self, health, relationships and wealth and if there is deficiencies in anyone of these areas life tends to look a little unsatisfactory, but while some may put wealth high on that list I think one ought to be careful because if you are deficient in the other areas and have wealth you might as well be poor because you will be besides material possessions. So I am on a journey to find out how to be efficient in all four areas and I am inviting you to join me on that journey and I hope along the way I can be off value as you are on your journey or vice versa.

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